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Susan Records is a Brooklyn-based record label of likeminded composers, performers, and interdisciplinary artists.

Franky Rousseau


Franky Rousseau is a composer from Montréal who’s now based in Brooklyn, NY. Though drawn to and experienced in a wide range of musical media, he has primarily worked with contemporary big bands, having collaborated with such artists as Aaron Parks, Arthur Hnatek, and the LeBoeuf Brothers, among others. He has conducted and led ensembles in performances of his own music across the world.

He has been described by La Presse as having a voice “[that] is bound to make a mark beyond the circle of the initiated".

Among his works is a multidisciplinary music drama, entitled "April", which was co-written with Dominic Mekky, adapted from a stage play by Samuel Bronowski. The piece merges elements of opera, musical theater, and film.

"The Franky Rousseau Large Band" released "Hope" in 2012, written for and performed by the late pianist Austin Peralta.