Susan Records

Susan Records is a Brooklyn-based record label of likeminded composers, performers, and interdisciplinary artists.

Louis S. Cohen


Louis S. Cohen is a Los Angeles born, Brooklyn based guitarist, producer and songwriter. He plays guitar, lapsteel, and synths in a variety of bands including the noise punk band NoPop, the dream pop band Loosie, and the avant garde guitar trio Foxx Nevvs. His sound is defined by its extremes, from thoughtful and delicate to frantic and explosive. His playing style has been described as “guitar that, if you could touch the sound, probably feels something like warped tape from an old cassette” (Rare Candy). His debut solo album “Winter” (Susan Records) is created around feelings of love and growth in the face of crippling depression. It is a project largely based in composition built from improvisation, showcasing his production, playing, and writing. Taking influence from the ambient textures of Daniel Lanois and the songwriting of Kanye West, it is at once completely collaborative and entirely insular.


Listen to "Winter" on Bandcamp